May 20, 2014
Thank you Ecoura for making such exquisite diamonds and for all the extra gifts that  come with your rings! So unique and beautiful too!!
Beth W
May 18, 2014
Thanks Ecoura!!!!! Changing the world and changing lives at the same time. Impeccable craftsmanship
Lamont H

January 7, 2014
The ring is beautiful and I stare at it all the time!
Stephanie from Florida

December 19, 2013
Amazing Ring! I completely fell in love with this ring. The illusions it gives are incredible. My favorite part of the ring is the under side details!!
Katie from Buffalo, NY

August 22, 2013
Stunning diamond ring! Every time I look down at my hand this ring absolutely takes my breath away it is so gorgeous! We got a 1/2 ct diamond wedding band to go with it, can't wait to get to wear then together!
Kelly from Charleston

May 22, 2013
LOVE IT! This is my engagement ring and I couldn't be happier. I love that the company is green, and they plant a tree when you buy the ring. I get so many compliments about this ring everyday. I can't stop looking at it, it so beautiful. PICTURES DON'T DO IT JUSTICE!!! You have to see it in person to see how stunning this ring really is. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
Andrea from Washington State

April 25, 2013
Totally Perfect! I was ecstatic when my fiance proposed with this beautiful and unique ring. It fit both our tastes perfectly. The halo around the center stone gave that vintage look and feel that I adored and the slight swoosh of the band gave the modern sleek feel my boyfriend preferred. I can't stop staring at it!
Rebecca from Upstate NY

January 10, 2013
 Gorgeous! My fiance recently proposed with this ring and it is beautiful! I have small hands and this ring looks perfect. I love the band crosses there is so much detail. From the picture it appears that the ring is flat on top, but really each circle of diamonds build upon each other.
Regina from Pittsburgh PA

November 28, 2012
Beautiful! My bf proposed to me on thanksgiving with this ring. it is absolutely gorgeous...i cant stop staring at it!
Lisa from Queens, NY

November 18, 2012
She was amazed at the ring. All of her friends are taken back by the looks of it. *****
Jesse from  Garett, PA